Frequently Asked Questions

What is Limuntus? What do I do here?
Limuntus is browser based messenger with a focus on security and anonymity.
You can use Limuntus to send messages and exchange photos securely without revealing your identity.

How is Limuntus different from other messengers?
Unlike other messengers, Limuntus doesn't collect your data, our servers are database-free.
No trace of Limuntus usage is stored on your device, we do not use cookies and browser caching.

On which devices can I use Limuntus?
You can use Limuntus on any device featuring modern web browser.

Is there a group chat? Where everyone can send messages?
By default all users are assigned to Main Channel, which is designed for group chats.
If you decide to talk in private with a user, simply click on his username and Private Channel will open.

What happens if I refresh or exit Limuntus messenger page?
Message data inside a Private Channel both of your and of the other user you messaged will be erased.
If you used the Main Channel, your message data will be erased for you but still visible to remaining users
until they refresh or exit messenger page.

Can I read the message history of my friends inside the Main Channel if I were late to Log In?
Message history is not available. You couldn't read thier messages.

Do I get a Username? And can I change it?
Default designated username is "User" with starting suffix number 0 for the first person to join the chat.
Username can be changed by clicking on your username and typing a new one.

What if someone is pretending to be me?
We can't do anything about it, be careful who you choose to chat with.

What credentials are necessary to Log In?
Password is the only necessary credential.

How do I receive Limuntus password?
You will receive the password within Limuntus messenger after your purchase.

What password will my friends use?
All users use the same password to access the messenger.
After your purchase share the password with your friends to grant them access.

* For security reasons all users should receive the password within the messenger after the purchase.
For $10 fee, we offer 15 minute wait time for all users to join the messenger and receive the password.

Can I purchase Individual Plan for 20$ and chat with myself?
You can purchase Individual Plan for minimum of $40, which translates to 2 users.

What payment methods are accepted?
We accept XMR as the only payment method.

But I don't have that currency. How do I get XMR?
You can buy XMR on then transfer your funds to wallet from

I am interested in Limuntus. How do I purchase a plan?
If you are interested, contact us: